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Advanced Electrolysis/Electrolysis

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures/Advanced Electrolysis

A permanent removal of skin tags, warts, milia, liver spots, threadveins, spider naevi, blood spots without any scarring and bleeding.

Duration Price
5 minutes (minimum) £42
10 minutes £62
15 minutes £85
30 minutes £155

Apilus Electrolysis/Epilation

A permanent removal of hair with electrical current which treats the follicle and makes it weaker. Our advanced and new state-of-the-art computerized Apilus machine offers painless and permanent hair removal. It needs a series of treatments which differ for every individual (prior consultation is necessary).

Duration Price
5 minutes (minimum) £22
10 minutes £36
15 minutes £43
30 minutes £70

Client Aftercare For Electrolysis Hair Removal

  • Use of make-up should be avoided for sufficient period of time of healing to take place.
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hrs.
  • Avoid bleaching, swimming and heat treatments for at least 48 hrs.
  • Hair should not be plucked or removed with wax or cream remover between treatments instead they can be cut if needed.
  • A rich night cream or moisturiser should not be applied for 48 hrs.
  • If a rash or minor infection appears at any time on the treated area, an antiseptic cream can be used.
  • Cartisones and steriod creams should not be used on the treated area.
  • It's important not to pick the scabs as sometimes they appear after the treatment.

Client Aftercare For Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

  • The Client must not touch the treated area and must not under any circumstances remove any scab that may appear. The area should be treated as a bump.
  • The client should apply the after care lotion regularly with clean freshly washed hands or fresh cotton wool, a minimum of once following treatment that day and next morning.
  • The treatment area can, if absolutely necessary, be washed or cleansed but soap should be avoided. A very gentle cleanser should be used and the area should be dried with paper tissues, not towels.
  • Do nothing to cause sweating or dilation of the capillaries like exercise, hot foods, alcohol etc.
  • Avoid the possible causes of thread veins like tight fitting glasses squeezing spots, blowing nose hard etc.
  • Do not fly in the following week after the treatment.
  • No sunbathing, swimming, sunbeds, saunas, facial steaming, facial scrubs - complete sunblock must be worn for at least 48 hours after treatment and preferably for longer. The area of treatment and any area showing a predisposition ot telangiectasia, should be protected by a sun screen at all times, particularly in the summer months.
  • Normally after 48 hours pin dot scabs may appear thereby sealing the skin and preventing infection. These must not be picked off. The skin should be kept dry and clean until these fall off in their own time. Picking the scabs will result in unwanted scarring. These may or may not become apparent but they may be felt rather than seen.
  • The client should avoid using any possible skin sensitizers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products, perfumed body lotions etc.
  • Please be aware that bad after-care will not only negate the treatment but may compound the original problem. The therapist or the salon does not hold any responsibility for any scarring as a result of bad after-care.
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