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Body Massages and Treatments

Body Massages and Treatments

Body Massage

Relaxing or stimulating massage moves and relieves lymphatic fluid accumulation, aids detoxification, treats muscular knots, aches and pains and makes the body feel energetic.

30 minutes – Back, neck and shoulders £52
45 minutes massage £72
60 minutes – full body OR customised £85

Thermal Body Therapy Treatments


Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy (30 mins) £60

Natural skin smoothing enzymes papain and re-mineralizes the skin.


Body Foliation Therapy (30 mins)

Full Body Foliation Therapy (60 mins)




Gentle, soothing and super smoothing alternative for skin conditions traditionally irritated by salt scrub style exfoliation. Ideal for sensitive and pre-maturely ageing skin.

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