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Lira with plant stem cells/Dermaquest/Dermalogica chemical peels

Lira with plant stem cells/Dermaquest/Dermalogica chemical peels

Lira with plant stem cells/ Dermaquest /Dermalogica chemical peels

With state-of-art plant stem cell technology or pure fruit acids, these chemical peels designed to rejuvenate your skin and make it look bright and healthy.  With prior consultation by your therapist, the skin is prepped 1-2 weeks before the treatment, for resurfacing or rebuilding, no skin prepping is needed.  A series of treatments are advised for long-lasting results (can be added to a part of other facial treatments).  The face and decollete are included in all the peels.

TCA/Salicylic Acid Peel

Our most comprehensive and potent anti-aging peel, this treatment was formulated to combat severe photo damage, distended pores, deep wrinkles and dull, sagging skin. A rescue operation for distressed skin, we use 7% Salicylic Acid and 2% Trichloroacetic Acid to penetrate the deepest epidermal layers.

Glycolic Acid Peel

This physician-level peel is deeply exfoliating, using a unique blend of anti-aging ingredients to retexture damaged skin. Using 65% Glycolic Acid to firm and Lilac Plant Stem Cells to protect skin from environmental pollution, this treatment moves into the deepest cellular layers, working for many hours, and sometimes days, to repair and rejuvenate skin.

Power Peptide Resurfacer

This treatment, formulated with Rigin™ and Matrixyl™, is the authority on cellular and UV damage, promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Boasting a 40% blend of AHAs and bursting with peptides, this is our most advanced anti-aging resurfacer yet, ideal for those in need of advanced wrinkle correction.

Primary/Power Pumpkin Resurface

Our 40% Pumpkin Pulp Resurfacer was designed to meet the needs of those with acne concerns and enlarged pores. The antibacterial affect of Salicylic Acid helps to prevent and treat acne for those prone to breakouts or experiencing perimenopause. Coupled with Lactic Acid, this treatment not only relieves post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but also improves skin’s tone and texture.


Pumpkin Plus  (Brightening for all skin conditions) £ 90.00
Lactic clear definer (Rehydrating and brightening for pigmented, sun-damaged or dehydrated skin) £ 90.00
Hydroxy 30 Rebuilder (For ageing or sensitized skin) £100.00
Sal pulp definer ( For oily and acne skins) £ 90.00
Mineral Retinol peel (for age-defying skin) £ 90.00
TCA Peel (For rebuilding new skin) £100.00
Advanced peels (Any of the above peels combined together or with microdermabrasion) £ 90.00
Dermalogica Pro power peel 30 £ 95.00
Dermalogica Pro power peel 60 (Includes peel and advanced electrical treatment) £120.00


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