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Facial Peels

Lira Peels

With state-of-the-art stem cell technology, Lira chemical peels are designed to rejuvenate your skin and make it feel bright and healthy. A thorough skin consultation is required in which the therapists analyse the skin condition, colour and hydration levels in order to prepare the treatment plan. 1-2 weeks of skin prepping is generally needed before the actual treatment.A high sun protection factor must be worn at all times and after having the treatments.


Pumpkin plus peel (Face or Neck and Decollete) £80 per session

Uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes create this universal peel to smooth and brighten all skin types.

This retinol and stem cell based treatment will help to boost collagen, strengthen and brighten tired looking skin while protecting with powerful antioxidants to create the ultimate peeling treatment.

Suitable for all skin types looking for healthy rejuvenated skin.


Lactic Clear Refiner (Face or Neck and Decollete) £80 per session

This natural hydrating facial is ideal for those skins looking to lighten and brighten their skin without using harsh chemicals. This treatment will increase moisture and hydration levels to leave the skin looking plump and refreshed.

With added stem cell technology to increase healing, antioxidants green tea and Echinacea to promote healthy radiant looking skin all year round.

Suitable for pigmented, sundamaged and dehydrated skins or anyone looking to just refresh.


Hydroxy 30 Rebuilder with stem cell technology
(Face or Neck and Decollete)
£80 per session

This powerful age defying treatment gently exfoliates superficial skin layers while restoring the natural ability to heal.

Infusing the skin with retinol will maximize the result and increase the youthful appearance of all skin types.

Powerful stem cells increase the skins health and ability to heal.

Ideal for wrinkles, minor pigmentation and sensitized skins once balanced.


Sal pulp Definer (Face or Neck and Decollete) £80 per session

This super charged peel will leave your skin looking and feeling like new.

Powerful salicylic acid will smooth and restore balance to the skin while removing congestion and minimizing acne outbreaks.

This antioxidant and peptide loaded peel is perfect for Resistive thicker skins as well as maintaining and controlling active acne outbreaks.


Mineral retinol Peel (Face or Neck and Decollete) £80 per session

This is the ultimate age defying treatment which has a unique blend of mineral retinol, peptides and gold to aid the natural healing of the skin while encouraging new healthy cell growth.

Retinol is the only medically approved ingredient to reduce the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkle depth. While retinol is a strong and powerful ingredient this peel is gentle but effective on the skin and will keep your skin looking vibrant all year round.

TCA peel (Tri-chloro-acetic acid) £100
Advanced peel from £120

A combination of one or more different types of peels mentioned above with potentially other treatments including microdermabrasion, all depending on skin condition and the results to be achieved.

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