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Ultratone Bio Stiumulation – Face & Body shaping

Ultratone Futurapro Face And Body Sculpturing And Shaping With Biostimulation

What Is Biostimulation ?

Bio stimulation means using the Trophic code, the signalling system of a living organism, which communicates directly with the cells thus transforming the body shape, activity and response of human tissue. The electrical interaction can be sequenced to form Bio electric language to accelerate and concentrate a healthy response from the body. These electrical impulses mimic the neurological signals that are transmitted to specific organs.

ultatone bio

This treatment is verified and concluded by the Total Wellness Institute to lose fat, reduce inches and tone up muscles. PROFESSOR GERTA VRBOVA, A LEADING NEUROSCIENTIST, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, believes there is one true way of quickly enhancing muscle shape and strength, the Biostimulation. “ The fact that with Bio stimulation there is no stress or fatigue is an enormous plus”, she explains. “ Nevertheless physical activity is needed to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system and also flexibility.

The electrical stimulation allows one to perform physical activities more effeciently and therefore aid the improvement of all activity related functions, building an increase in stamina and a heightened resistance to fatigue.

Biostimulation also assists in medical, therapeutic and non invasive cosmetic enhancement treatments." In a medical context, Biostimulation can be used for a host of purposes and in orthopaedic treatments across the whole body as in post cardiac and post stoke rehabilitation.

Ultratone Face and Body Sculpturing and Shaping

The Physio sequential biostimulation and body treatments using ultrawave signals treat major body conditions and promotes anticellulite, weight loss, toning, detox and post natal slimming etc.

Session Price
Single session (1 hour)
(Non Surgical Face lift OR Body shaping)
Course of 4 sessions
(only available as a maintenance plan after finishing 20 sessions, course must be used within 5 weeks of purchase after which it expires)
Course of 10 sessions (10 x £45)
(course must be used within 6 months of purchase after which it expires. For further details see course policy on the back page)