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At Sirisha's, we use Australian body care, a high quality wax made of Tea Tree Oil which is a natural essential oil steam extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree grown in Australia. It is well known for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

Australian Body care only use Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) which out of the 110 different varieties of Tea Tree Oil has been proven to contain the most beneficial natural properties for healthy skin and hair.

Waxing is an excellent way to deal with most hair removal. Waxing leaves the area smoother than shaving does because it pulls the hair out from below the top layer of skin. This is the easiest and most convenient way to go about removing hair from large areas.

Upper lip or chin £  8.00
Upper lip & Chin £13.00
Eyebrow £13.00
Eyebrow and forehead £15.00
Sides of the face £18.00
Full face and neck £25.00
Full arms £32.00
Three quarter arms £27.00
1/2 Arms £22.00
Under arms £15.00
Fingers/Toes £  8.00
Full legs (including extended bikini) £53.00
Full legs (including basic bikini line) £42.00
Three quarter legs £38.00
1/2 legs (bottom) and bikini line £37.00
1/2 legs (bottom) £28.00
1/2 legs (top) £32.00
1/2 legs (top) and bikini line £40.00
Bikini line £20.00
Extended Bikini from £25.00
Chest £40.00
Full Back £45.00
Full Back including shoulders £55.00

Waxing tips and after care
Avoid the following for 24 - 48 hours after waxing: sun bathing or sun beds, friction from tight clothing, swimming, hot baths or showers, highly perfumed products and activities causing excessive perspiration. Do not cut or shave hair for atleast 4 weeks before the waxing. Body brushing or exfoliation helps with ingrown hair to get smooth results.

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